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Inconel 601
Inconel 601
Inconel 601

Inconel 601, Alloy 601, UNS N06601, Incoloy 601

Inconel 601 is a nickel-chromium alloy utilized for applications that need resistance to corrosion as well as heat. This nickel alloy is resistant high temperature oxidation, and highly resistant to oxidation through 2200° F. Inconel 601 develops a supporter oxide scale which resists spalling even under conditions of severe thermal cycling. Alloy 601 has superior high temperature strength, and retains its ductility even after long service exposure. Inconel 601 offers high mechanical potency, and is readily formed, machined and welded. It’s extensively used in various industries such as thermal processing, chemical processing, pollution control, aerospace, and power generation.

Inconel 601 is a nickel-chromium compound utilized for applications that expect protection from consumption and warmth. This nickel combination stands apart because of its protection from high-temperature oxidation, remaining profoundly impervious to oxidation through 2200° F. Composite 601 builds up a firmly disciple oxide scale which opposes spalling even under states of extreme warm cycling. This nickel amalgam has great high-temperature quality and holds its flexibility after long administration introduction. It has great protection from watery erosion, high mechanical quality, and is promptly shaped, machined and welded. Inconel 601's properties make it a material of expansive utility in fields like warm preparing, concoction handling, contamination control, aviation, and power age. In any case, amalgam 601 isn't proposed for use in unequivocally decreasing, sulfur-bearing conditions.

Inconel 601 nickel-chromium-iron composite is a broadly useful designing material for applications that expect protection from warmth and erosion. The extraordinary normal for Inconel 601 is its protection from high-temperature oxidation. The composite additionally has great protection from fluid consumption, has high mechanical quality, and is promptly shaped, machined, and welded.

The constraining compound creation of Inconel 601 is recorded in Table 1. The structure is a face-focused cubic strong arrangement with a high level of metallurgical security. The composite's nickel base, related to a significant chromium content, gives protection from numerous destructive media and high-temperature situations. Oxidation obstruction is additionally improved by the aluminum content.


The most significant property of Inconel 601 is protected from oxidation at high temperatures up to 1250C. Indeed, even under serious conditions, for example, recurrent warming and cooling. This is conceivable because of Inconel 601 having a firm disciple oxide layer which is safe against spalling.

Protection from carburization is great, likewise impervious to carbon nitriding conditions.

Because of high chromium and some aluminum content, great opposition in oxidizing sulfur bearing environments at raised temperatures is illustrated.


Plate, crates, and installations utilized in different warmth medications, for example, carburizing and carbon nitriding.

Obstinate grapples, strand tempering and brilliant cylinders, high-speed gas burners, wirework belts, and so forth.

Protecting jars in smelling salts reformers and impetus bolster networks utilized in nitric corrosive creation.

Warm reactors in the fumes arrangement of oil motors.

Manufactured burning chambers.

Cylinder supports and ashtrays in the power age industry.

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Characteristics of Inconel 601 :

  • Excellent oxidation resistance to 2200° F
  • Resistant to spalling under stern thermal cycling conditions
  • Highly resistant to carburization
  • Superior creep rupture strength
  • Metallurgical stability
  • Inconel 601 used as construction material for such products as

    Baskets, trays, and fixtures for heat-treating

    Tubes, conveyor belts, and flame shields for industrial furnaces

    Tube support and ash-handling systems for power generation equipment

    Igniters and diffuser assembles in gas turbines for aerospace applications