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AMS 5796, MIL-N-14411C, ASTM A753
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AMS 5796 MIL-N-14411C - ASTM A753, Nimonic 80A Sheet/ Plate/ Filler Wire/ Pipe Price and Supplier & Manufacturer

AMS 5796

Haynes twenty-five ™ (AMS 5796) possesses a superb temperature strength and energy resistance to 2, 000 ºF. Haynes twenty-five ™ is sexy portable in between 1-900 ºF- 2 300 ºF. Additionally Called Alloy L605, it It is much preferable to cold work Haynes twenty-five ™ for bending, drawing and turning on the elements.

Haynes Alloy twenty-five (L-605) might be welded employing the gas tungsten arc, gas metallic arc, and plasma processes. Metal Twenty Five has great immunity to rust and can be watertight to Compounds and carburization into 1900F. This metal Was used widely in jet motor components such as turbine blades, and combustion chambers, and toaster bands and Afterburner components

Physical Data :

Density (lb / cu. in.) - 0.33

Specific Gravity - 9.13

Specific Heat (Btu/lb/Deg F - [32-212 Deg F]) - 0.092

Electrical Resistivity (microhm-cm (at 68 Deg F)) - 536

Melting Point (Deg F) - 2520

Mean Coeff Thermal Expansion - 6.8

Magnetic Permeability - 1

Modulus of Elasticity Tension - 32.6


HyMu Eighty (MIL-N-14411C) metal is an unoriented, 80 percent nickel-iron-molybdenum metal that provides exceptionally large Preliminary permeability in Addition to Utmost permeability with minimal Hysteresis reduction. HyMu eighty metal was utilized chiefly in transformer cores, tape wound toroids and also laminations at which compactness and weight reduction facets are all important. Additionally, it It is also employed for protection to protect electrical elements from stray magnetic areas.

HyMu eighty can be really a magnetic shielding metal that is included in the wide selection of nickel-iron metals. It really is 80 percent nickel-iron-molybdenum and its own chief feature includes Substantial permeability.

Accessible as strain annealed (soft annealed for simplicity of manufacturing ), or ultimate annealed for greatest permeability. Mu-metal ® can be utilized for manufactured defenses for example Enclosures, tanks, headphones, stations or 3 d bins. Last annealing (Perfection Annealing) at a sterile hydrogen setting is needed like a Previous processing measure following each of Forming surgeries (i.e. stamping, machining, bending, welding or rolling ). The concluding annealing treatment is overriding towards the magnetic qualities of M B metallic. Even the Permeability of this chilly wrapped condition rises by greater than about three orders of size soon after closing annealing.


UNS-N 14080



BAR: CAP OF MIL-N-14411C CMP1, ASTM-A-753-08 TY 4


ASTM A 753 : 2008: R2013

ASTM A753 Normal Specification for Wrought Nickel-Iron Smooth Magnetic Alloys (UNS K94490, K94840, N14076, N14080) A.K.A. Hipernom, Hy Mu eighty, Moly Permalloy, Magnifer 7904; really is really a tender magnetic nickel-iron metal with roughly 80% impeccable, 4.2 -- 5.2 percent molybdenum, also a saturation induction of around 8,000 Gauss, the greatest technically accessible permeability,( Max p 350,000) as well as also a exact low workforce.

A 48 percent nickel-iron metal with top maximum and initial permeability and very low core reduction right after suggesting heating therapy. Hasbeen utilized in laminated cores for tool transformers, magnetic defenses, solenoid cores, and assorted painful and sensitive magnetic center parts. Unannealed strip goods 0.020" thick or less can be purchased as Transformer (oriented) and Rotor (unoriented) grades.

Characteristics: ASTM A753 Alloy two, IEC 404-8-6 (Alloy Course E-3 ), MIL-N-14411B (MR) (Structure 4 and 3 ) ASTM A753 UNS N14080 can be a more widely utilized wrought iron nickel-iron comfortable magnetic metal generated or furnished specifically for used within magnetic cores along with the rest needing substantial magnetic permeability, large electric resistivity, non-coercive field durability, and very low heat loss.

ASTM Standards

A34/A34M Exercise for Sampling and Procurement Screening of Adaptive Materials

A340 Lingo of Symbols and Definitions Concerning Environmentally Testing

A341/A341M Evaluation Way of Direct Present Magnetic Properties of Resources With D-C Permeameters as well as also the Ballistic Check Procedures

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A555/A555M Specification for Common Requirements for Metal Wire and Wire Rods

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A773/A773M Evaluation Way of DC Magnetic Properties of Resources Utilizing Twist and Permeameter Approaches with dc Digital Hysteresigraphs

E1019 Evaluation Strategies for Determination of Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Oxygen from Metal, Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloys by a Variety of Combustion and Fusion Methods